It is no secret that we are currently in the midst of a climate crisis. At byrenn, we believe that shopping vintage and pre-loved is our generation’s response to overconsumption and the enormous carbon footprint generated by the fashion industry as a result. 


byrenn is committed to sustainability and firmly believes in the reduction of overconsumption. Our collections will be both curated and small featuring one of a kind pieces. You will always find our products styled with basic pieces you might already own in your closet. From our small and limited collections to our sustainable and zero waste packaging, we are committed to helping our planet every way we can.


Your one of a kind byrenn purchases will arrive in an equally one of a kind Boox box. These boxes are designed to be shipped, returned, and reused up to a dozen times. Using a Boox box reduces your environmental impact by up to 70% compared to a regular kraft box. 

More ways in which we are committed to packaging and shipping sustainably: 

° You can reuse you Boox boxes multiple times before sending it back to be recycled 

° To return your Boox box, just scan the QR code inside the box, follow the steps, and drop it off at an accessible location 

° Each product comes in a reusable dust bag as opposed to bubble wrap to reduce waste 

° Any packaging inserts are also made using recycled materials