At byrenn, we strive to create a highly curated luxury fashion experience for our clients. We believe that luxury craftsmanship, sartorial heritage, and premier vintage should be appreciated. We strongly believe in the circular fashion model and strive to keep great fashion in circulation for as long as possible. 

At byrenn we want to contribute to a higher degree of sustainability in the fashion industry and do not encourage over-consumption. Our mission is to bring you pieces that are timeless and can be easily styled with basic pieces you might already own in your wardrobe. Our collections are small, but well thought out. We revisit classics that transcend trend cycles and seasons in an attempt to bring you pieces you can own and love for years to come. At byrenn, curating a selection of timeless luxury and vintage designer isn’t just business, it’s a passion. 

Every piece sourced by us is highly curated, expertly authenticated, and professionally restored if need be.